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over 2 years ago

Bonus prizes up for grabs!

Quick Base Pipelines example:

With 17 days left in the hackathon, you might feel like you don’t have time to build a robust software solution.

Don’t worry! Quick Base’s low-code platform enables you to be productive and deploy software quickly so you can spend your time addressing today’s current challenges with your most impactful ideas. 

As a reminder...

The same eligible solution may win an Overall Ranked Prize AND a Bonus Prize. Here's what you need to do:

Best Use of Pipelines - Use Pipelines to automate a complex workflow by integrating various systems with Quick Base; automate workflows between Slack, JIRA, and Mailchimp — think about it this way: when you want a coworker to know you updated a contact in Quick Base, use Pipelines to notify them automatically in Slack.

Best Use of Quick Base Features - Use native Quick Base Features to build a personalized dashboard, implement notifications and subscriptions, and more.

Best Use of APIs - Use XML or RESTful APIs to connect your data and Quick Base applications. With these APIs you can automate the whole application lifecycle: creation, deletion, and copying of applications.

Best Build of a Microsoft Integration - Connect a Microsoft-based system to the Quick Base platform in a way that provides demonstrable value. You can aggregate vital information from the Microsoft suite providing real-time data to  your users.

Win up to $5,000 by addressing at least one of the above in your solution —so get started!