Technical Resources

Required Tools: 

A Quick Base Builder Account. You can open one here if you don’t already have one. 

If you already have a Quick Base Builder Account, please note that the standard entitlement limitations will be waived during the hackathon period. We don't want to inhibit your creativity! See here for more details.

You should not build your solution in a paid account unless you are submitting on behalf of an organization. See the Official Rules for more details regarding organizational submissions and building in a paid account. 



Live Assistance 

  • Daily Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 1-2pm ET, with Quick Base guru Kirk Trachy 
  • New time: Slack Technical Support Hours in #virtual-hackathon: Thursdays, 10am-12pm ET 
  • Advanced Quick Base for Programmers and Developers: Whether it’s JavaScript, Python, C#, Golang, or whatever your favorite language is—it all works with Quick Base. Once you know the entry and exit points exposed through Quick Base's API layer, code page facilities, and Pipelines, the possibilities of what you can do as a developer open way up. Access the recording from this live webinar & Q&A, and the presentation with links to resources, here.
  • Upcoming Quick Base Virtual Trainings & Webinars 

Documentation, Tutorials & Additional Resources: 

  • Quick Base Help – Technical documentation for building, deploying and administering applications. 
  • Quick Base University* – Self-paced, on-demand instructional videos.  
  • Quick Base Community* – Helpful articles, links to resources, access to the Quick Base community for crowd-sourcing assistance. 
  • Quick Base Exchange* – Sample apps for exploration and inspiration. 

*Quick Base log-in required to access/comment. 


What is Quick Base?  


Building Strategies and Methodologies 



Extending Quick Base


How to share access to your software for judging

Provide the requested information in the relevant field(s) on your submission form. Here’s how you can share access to the different components:

Applications: If there are app(s) in your solution, invite the service user to your realm and as an admin to all the Quick Base apps involved in your solution. Access will be used only for solution review and testing.

Add-On Code: Your code repository may be public or private. If public, include a link to your solution code on GitHub or another code repository sharing service. If private, access must be given to and Code will be used only for solution review and testing. Include deployment files and testing instructions needed for testing your solution.

Pipelines: If you have Pipeline(s) in your solution, your submission should include the CSR code for all pipelines. The steps below will show you how to access the CSR code:

Step 1. Go to your Pipelines dashboard

Step 2. Under your account in the upper right corner, expand the dropdown and from there select “My Preferences”

Step 3. Go to the “Care Access” tab

Step 4. Allow CSR access

Step 5. Copy the numbers shown and add it to your submission. This will allow a judge to access your pipelines. In the example, the CSR code is 59256762#19149.