How to compete for the technical bonus prizes

Best Use of Quick Base Features 

The Quick Base platform has a wealth of built in capabilities such as personalized dashboards, form design and customization, a formula language, notifications and subscriptions – the list is too long to list them all here. This prize will reward the solution that best demonstrates creativity and imagination, as well as technical elegance, in the use of native Quick Base features. As an example, if you are using a formula field, we will be looking for creativity, elegance, readability, accuracy, and performance.

Best Use of Pipelines

Quick Base Pipelines enables you to quickly connect data, integrate your systems, and orchestrate automated workflows using simple business logic, all within one unified platform. This prize will reward a solution where Pipelines are used to automate a complex workflow by integrating various systems with Quick Base. We will be looking at:

  • How well is the solution addressing an integration and workflow challenge? 
  • The soundness of the Pipeline(s)’s design: Is the Pipeline built in the most efficient way? Is it minimizing the use of step runs? Is it easy to maintain?
  • The effective use of built in channels such as Bucket, JSON handler, Callable Pipelines, and many others.  
  • The complexity of the solution: number of integrated systems and complexity of the business logic. 
  • Pipelines Resources: About Quick Base Pipelines and So You Want to Learn Pipelines 

Best Use of APIs

Quick Base provides a powerful way to connect to your data and Quick Base applications via APIs. We support both XML based APIs and RESTful JSON APIs. This prize will reward a solution that uses our APIs in the most creative and exhaustive way.

Best Microsoft Integration 

Microsoft is embedded in the modern workplace more so than any other set of tools. Office, SharePoint, Dynamics, Power BI, OneDrive, and others each provide powerful and unique functionality, but extending those systems to be agile and respond quickly can be challenging. Enter Quick Base. The Quick Base platform has the distinct ability to connect a variety of systems, allowing you to aggregate vital information from the Microsoft suite, providing real-time insights into operational data. This prize will reward the solution that best extends or integrates with Microsoft tools in a way that provides demonstrable value. We will look at the originality, scope, impact, and implementation of the integration when selecting the winner.

Quick Base to Microsoft Resources

Microsoft Pipelines Channels

Generic Pipelines Channels

Microsoft APIs