We encourage you to get creative with your solutions and think big! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve provided a few inspirational themes - and real-world examples - to get the ideas flowing. 

The submission form will ask you to tell us which of these themes most inspired you. 

Connection – Solve for how we can forge stronger connections – across disparate systems, a remote workforce, or key communities.  Build solutions that strengthen processes, workflows, and partnerships. Where do you see that better outcomes are possible through stronger connections? 

Responsiveness Build solutions that enable organizations to rapidly change in response to disruption. Automate manual or static processes, respond to changes quickly with flexible systems, use real-time insights for decision making. Where do you see rigid and inflexible systems and processes creating waste, ineffectiveness, and loss of opportunity? 

Equity Build solutions that help organizations and communities address sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, human rights and other issues affecting the world and workplace. How can data and transparency create a more just and equitable society? 

Security – Solve for how to keep employees, customers and communities safe, maintain and strengthen data security and privacy, manage regulatory compliance, etc. Where do you see opportunities to help people and organizations stay safe – mentally, physically, digitally? 

The Quick Base developer team ran an internal Hackathon recently. These two demo videos offer some super cool inspiration for use cases and tech.