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about 3 years ago

Tips for planning your project

Relevant dates:

  • October 16th: Advanced Quick Base for Programmers & Developers webinar

  • Three weeks to go: October 26

  • Two weeks to go: November 2 (Aim to submit early!)

  • One week to go: November 9

  • Three days to go: November 13

  • Submission Deadline: November 16 at 5PM Eastern Time

Be sure to attend at least one office hours session or webinar.

You’ve registered for the Quick Base Virtual Hackathon, now what? Below is a recommended workflow to organize your time during the hackathon’s submission period. 

    • Determine Your Submitter Status
      • Are you working as an individual?
      • Are you working as a team?
    • Organize your time

    • Phase 1: Brainstorm

    • Phase 2: Build and Deploy

      • Open a Quick Base Builder Account 

      • Develop your solution

      • Conduct user testing and iterate your solution 

      • Share your solution

      • Refine your project details and edit your draft submission on Devpost

    • Phase 3: Final Submission (Aim to submit week of November 2 — this will ensure you submitted the solution; remember you can always go back into your submission any time before November 16 at 5PM ET)

      • Create a demo video

      • Verify your submission meets the requirements of the hackathon (See rules)

      • Submit the project on Devpost BEFORE November 16 at 5PM ET

  • Celebrate your accomplishment!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum and join the competition Slack group.